Thursday, October 4, 2007

Assignment #6

For this assignment, you need to begin thinking about what kind of blog you want to make.
For class on Monday, bring a piece of paper with three ideas for a blog. Write the subject of the blog as well as what you would write about.

Idea #1: Basketball.
In this blog, I would explain the rules of basketball. I would also talk about the NBA and some of my favorite tteams. I would talk about how to improve your playing as well.

Idea #2: Cooking

Bring this on one piece of paper on Monday. You do not need to post anything on this blog this week. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

In this blog,I would talk something about basketball.I will put some team's information about NBA.Players conditions in the week. I will talk about my favorite team.I'm going to put the most important new in my blog.I will change different subject.