Sunday, September 30, 2007

Assignment #5

For this assignment, please find an English blog and write no less than 8 sentences about why you think this blog is interesting or useful. This assignment needs to be completely by Thursday, Octber 4. Sorry for the delay in posting.


Anonymous said...
This blog's layout is very colorful.It's layout is regular.
It put all the information on the first layout.You can choose everything you want to see.You can
find another blog at here.It classify all the the differen blogs
This is a cool blog.It is a useful blog,too.

Anonymous said...
This blog is very
funy.There are many fun comiss here.You can chose the comics you want to see.It keeps all the comics people have posted in some years.It puts all imformation on the first page.This is a funny blog.And it is intersting to see comics from other countries.The only bad thing there is a blank space between other comic websites and new comics

Anonymous said...
This blog's imformation is very useful. It has a lot of information
about cars. You can find the new cars and some cars' factory's active. It also has car's videos.
Its layout is regular, but it is no
interesting sentence or funny pictures. The blog's layout is easy
to get information. The only bad thing is that the blog's information is too many so you can't find the information which you want in a sudden.

Anonymous said...
This blog is very cool,you can find
video,travel and many other things.

It put many things in the first
page,it can even help you find
other can also find out
music and sport player.

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