Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Assignment #7

Post (as a comment) an example of your blog. You can talk about whatever topic you want, but it should be about what you told me on Monday. Post it here before class on Monday. It should look like you want future blog posts to look like.


allen said...

This week I am going to talk about another famous player,Babe Ruth.He is a very famous Yankee player.He played with the Boston Red Sox first,but then the boss of the Red Sox sold him to the Yankees.He was a pitcher in the Red Sox,but then he change possision to out fielderat the Yankees and start the"Babe Ruth Curse".This curse was broken after 86 years.Ruth showed his talent at hitting when he went to the Yankees,he hit 714 homeruns in his career as a baseball player, this record was broken by Hank Aron in 1974 and that is a long time.He was also one of the 5 players who first voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,and the firt player to hit 60 homeruns in one season.

Young said...

This week I am going to talk about
Ferrari's new car, 599 GTB Fiorano.
It was make in 2007. Its blueprint is draw by a person called Pinifarina. It got its name by the 5.999 litter engine. It replaced the 575M Maranello. It has a V12
cylinder engine. It's engine is place in the head of the car. It is not popular of Ferrari cars because Ferrari cars usually place the engine in the middle of the car
. It just has 2 seats, but it is fast. It has a 6-speed sequential manual gearbox called F1 SuperFast. It can make a gear change less than a second. It has 620 horse power and its torsion is about 456kW in 7600 rpm. The car's top speed is over 330 kph by the power. It spends lots of gas. It spends one gallon of gas by driving in city for 8.6 miles. Its seat is made of cow's skin. It costs about 15 millon dollar NT.

Ethen said...

This week I am going to talk about NBA player,Gilbert Arenas.He is the most inportant peson in the Wizards. When he was in Arizona University second grade.He became his school's team,who's scored most. Then he played in NCAA the
end of the game.2003s~04 he became NBA's player.He changed team of Gloden Braves to Wizards.He gave bad team Wizards a new life.
At 2006,December 17th Wizards beat Lakers.In this game,Arenas scored 60 points,but Kobe Bryant just scored 53 points.His performance let everyone very surprised.Then he
became famous.

winner said...

This week i am going to talk about
a famous musician,Beethoven.He was born in 1770,when he was three
his father thought him how to play
piano,his father likes to drink
alcohol when he was ten he played in the palace.
He was more famous then Mozart and
Haydn.when it was 1801 he lost
his hearing,he stoped making
music and tryed to be a derector
when he was 40 he was been loved
in a girl but she doesn't wan't
him so he wrote two songs for it.
when it was 1827,2,19 he was very sick when it was 1827,26 he died in
the rain